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Coaches Corner

Athletics play a key role at College Park High School. Young people learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic athletics. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are an integral part of each team in our athletic program. Athletics play an important part, too, in helping the individual student develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competition adds to our school spirit and helps all students – spectators as well as participants – develop pride in their school.

All coaches at College Park High school agree with and adhere to the California Interscholastic Federation/North Coast Section Code of Conduct, Pursuing Victory With Honor and all other guidelines/expectations outlined in the College Park High School Coaches' Handbook. 

All coaches have also completed certifications in the following NFHS Courses. *NOTE-New course "Protecting Students From Abuse". Coaches must also maintain current certification in CPR/First-Aid/AED training. 

Other Important Links

This page is designed to be a valuable, easy-to-use resource for all coaches at College Park High School. 

MDUSD Air Quality Guidelines

Each category corresponds to a different level of health concern. The six levels of health concern and what they mean are contained in the grid below along with MDUSD guidelines.

NCS BYLAW 1003H Air Quality Index

An air quality index of less than 151 must be registered for all high school outdoor athletic events hosted by NCS member schools during preseason, league and section championship events.  NCS member schools may not host outdoor contests when the AQI is equal to or greater than 151. NOTE: Host school determines AQI using an app or website info. (Board of Managers 4/3/18)

End of Quarter and Dates of Determination

Based upon what we did last year, here would be the DOD for this year:
Start 2019: Ended 6/5/19 - DOD 8/20/19
Q1: Ends 10/11 - Grades Due 10/15 - DOD 10/22
Q2: Ends 12/20 - Grades Due 1/7 - DOD 1/14
Q3: Ends 3/20 - Grades Due 3/24 - DOD  3/31
Q4: Ends 6/3 - Grades Due 6/3 - DOD (the Tuesday after school begins)

Coaches payroll dates

Fall Stipends-December 10
Winter Stipends-March 10
Spring Stipends-June 10
Summer Stipends-October 10

Coach Handbooks & Acknowledgement Forms

important preseason documents

Important In Season Documents

north coast section forms

End of Season Documents

All Head Varsity Coaches must schedule a Check Out Meeting with the Athletic Director & complete all items included on the Check Out List within 2 weeks of the end of their season. 

Web Manager Information

Team websites should be kept up to date with your latest information and standings.  Often a coach will assign a team manager to help with this process.  Below you will find useful information for web page communication.

Facilities Use Permit Instructions and Login

Prior to each season head coaches are responsible for securing their practice and game facilities through the MDUSD Civic Permits website.  Often there may be overlap and conflict with other school groups and coaches may need to work together to make sure events are covered.  ALL PRACTICES, GAMES, and OPEN GYMS must be in the system for custodial, legal, and coverage purposes.  School related events will not be charged unless they require custodial overtime (usually holidays and weekends).

Visit CIVIC PERMITS to create an account and enter you permits.

IMPORTANT NOTE-Our office manager must first approve all permits before they are forwarded to the district for approval.   There may be permits in her folder, that might block your permits, which that do not show on the posted district calendar. 


Use the links below to view the current status of College Park Facilities.