Julian Fiammengo


This is my 3rd season coaching at CPHS.  My favorite baseball player is Rickey Henderson.  My favorite music is Hip Hop and Reggae.  My favorite place to eat is at Morton's Steakhouse.  My favorite aspect of coaching is passing on life lessons, watching players improve and competing.  My favorite High School memory is winning the 2008 NCS Championship in the Oakland Coliseum.  His family consists of his mom Colleen and Dad Gary and sister Paige.

Ryan Reeder


This is my 3rd season as a coach at CPHS. I graduated from CPHS in 2012.  I have played baseball for 15 years and have about 3 years of experience as a baseball umpire. My favorite baseball player is Ichiro Suzuki and Ty Cobb though I never got to see him play. My favorite music is any genre but I also enjoy finding new artists but my core music revolves around Kid Cudi, Led Zeppelin and Daft Punk.  My favorite place to eat is anywhere that serves high quality all you can eat sushi. My favorite aspect of coaching is that it's giving me a look into the game that I've never experienced before.  I love baseball with all my heart, so the fact that I am able to explore uncharted territories in a sport that I've grown up with is really exciting.  My favorite High School baseball memory is it honestly meshes together.  Baseball was my one constant in life and I will forever be grateful to the way it has kept me grounded.  My family consist of my dad Matt Reeder, my mom Kathy Avila and my brother Josh Gunnels and sister Hannah Avila and my bonus mom Elise Reeder, Jose Avila Step dad and Duke my pup.


Garrett Hughes
Presley Huber
Sean McCurdy
Andrew Hari
Jonathan Northup
Lucas Johnson
Ryan McClure
Abraham Ledesma
Colby Schiager
Dylan Wright
Christian Hamerton
Stone Cottone


2/20 Scrimmage @ Pittsburg High School 10:00am (W)

2/23 Scrimmage Home vs Logan High School (Cancelled)

3/1 @ Liberty 3:30pm

3/8 Home vs Monte Vista 3:30pm

3/12 Home vs Amador Valley High School 12:00pm

3/15 @ Cal High School 4:00pm

3/19 Home vs San Ramon Valley High School 11:00am

3/26 Home vs Campolindo High School 12:00pm

3/30 -4/2 Concord Tournament

4/2 Home vs Serra High School 1:00pm

4/6 @ Acalanes High School 4:00pm

4/12 @ Berean Christian 4:00pm

4/14 Home vs Berean Christian 4:00pm

4/19 @ Concord High School 4:00pm

4/21 Home vs Concord 4:00pm

4/26 Home vs Northgate High School 4:00pm

4/28 @ Northgate High School 4:00pm

5/3 Home vs Concord High School 4:00pm

5/5 @ Concord High School 4:00pm

5/7 @ Northgate High School 10:00am (DH)

5/10 @ Clayton Valley Charter 4:00pm

5/12 Home vs Clayton Valley Charter 4:00pm

5/18 Home vs Clayton Valley Charter 4:00pm