Al Douex

Al "Doc " Douex completed his Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training at Fresno State and his Masters’ Degree in Sports Medicine at the University of Florida.  Upon completion of his MS, Doc served as the Head Athletic Trainer at Cecil College (MD), Athletic Training Faculty at West Chester University (PA), and the Assistant Athletic Trainer at Morgan State University (MD).  Before coming to College Park in 2012-13 Doc was the Assistant Athletic trainer at DVC.

The following year with ROP funding our Sport Medicine Program was started.  With continual support, the CPHS Sports Medicine program has grown and now hosts Beginning and Advances sections.  This allows students that excelled in the Beginning Sports Medicine class to really apply their clinical knowledge and skills.  The students help to provide Sports Medicine services to over 900 athletes.  This includes taping and wrapping, stretching, evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries and illnesses, rehabilitation services, education and counseling of athletes relevant to injuries and performance, and so much more.

Doc is very proud of what has been built in such a short time at College Park.  “I think I am most proud that the students are very motivated to help the athletes everyday and some of them have made their college and career choices based on this class and their experiences with me.  I hope we can continue to grow as a program by providing the best support possible to our Falcon student-athletes.  I think, with these students and with great support, we truly have an opportunity to become the best Sports Medicine program in the area!”