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Girls Volleyball Senior Profiles

By Jeff Eide, 11/06/19, 10:00PM PST


2019 Senior Profiles for the girls volleyball team

#1 Mia Vahey | Libero


Mia has been playing volleyball for 7 years now. She has been on Varsity all 4 years.


Her favorite memory is the game against Cal High at the Irvington tournament. The team played amazing against them.


Mia's plan after high school is to go to a 4-year university.

#3 Maddie Maile | Outside Hitter

Maddie started playing volleyball in 3rd grade, with her mom as her coach for the first 3 years. Between Rec league, middle school, club and high school, she has played 14 seasons of volleyball. has been on Varsity since she was a sophomore.

Her favorite memory was this season when varsity won the tournament beating Heritage in 3. It was a fun game and she's proud of how far this team has come.

In the fall, she will be attending Oklahoma Christian University on a volleyball and academic scholarship.

Her hobbies include Photography and youth group activities.

#4 Emma Mendoza | Setter

Emma has been playing volleyball since she was in 2nd grade. This is her second year on Varsity.Her favorite memory is when coach Mel got mad and threw her clipboard on the floor and the ref thought it was Alex (Boy Alex). After high school, she plans on attending a four-year college.


In her free time, Emma likes to spend time with friends and family. She likes to go on minion road trips or go eat at a good restaurant.

Final Thoughts: College Park was definitely an interesting school to go to. Without it I wouldn't have met some of my best friends.

#8 Maci Babb | Setter

Maci has been playing volleyball since she was 9 years old. In high school, she started out on the freshman team, her freshman year, then moved up to JV her sophomore year and has been on varsity the past two years.

Her favorite memory was during freshman year at a tournament. They played Campo, who was first in the league. They took them to three sets. They almost beat them but that was still the best game they have ever played.

She plans to stay in California to go to college and study fashion marketing.

#8 Bella Lera | Defensive Specialist


Bella has played volleyball for 4 years and has been on varsity for the last two.Her favorite things about volleyball are the friends she's made and the teamwork required to win each point. Her favorite memory would have to be beating Clayton Valley on senior night last year because the whole night was exciting.After high school, Bella plans to attend a four-year college to pursue a degree in environmental engineering or computer science.In her free time, she likes to play softball and hang out with friends.

#12 Jessica Vinogradov | Middle

Jessica has been playing volleyball for 5 years. She played on varsity for the last three years.

Her favorite memory was when they played "Telestrations" during the tournaments last year because the drawings were always so funny. Her favorite thing about volleyball at CP is the friends she's made and all the fun times they've had.

After high school, she plans to attend a four-year college, majoring in in civil engineering.

She likes to spend time with friends and family in her free time. She also likes reading and being outdoors.

Final Thoughts: At CP, I met some of my closest friends.

#16 Holly Jordan | Opposite Hitter

Holly has been playing volleyball for 4 years in high school and been on Varsity for 2.

Her favorite memory was Junior year sleepover with all three teams, spending the night in the gym and swimming at 3 in the morning.

Her plans after high school are to attend a 4-year university, majoring in nursing or teaching.

Final Thoughts: I have made such good friends over the years and created bonds that I will never forget. Special thanks to coach Annie for making me love the sport and to Coach Mel for giving me the opportunity to be a captain for the team and help lead.

#18 Alyssa Martinez | Middle


Alyssa has played Volleyball 4 years. On Freshman, JV & Varsity. 3 years of club at BAVC. She had her best volleyball memory during club tournament where she blocked 5 times in a row! She is in an early College Now Program since Junior year at DVC preparing for her future as an Anesthesiologist.

In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, going to San Francisco to get away, making music in her studio, and spending time with family.

Final Thoughts: I am grateful for having some really great teachers at College Park and had the best time playing volleyball for the first time ever on my Freshman & JV volleyball team with Coach Annie, she really nurtured my new-found love for the sport and was the best coach I ever had!