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Being a Transfer

By Christian Hammerton, 01/02/18, 6:15AM PST


Entering Freshman year at Berean Christian High School I was very nervous because i did not know anyone. I went to Pleasant Hill Middle School, and all my friends from there went to College Park. Berean ended up being fun when I made new friends there and played baseball. I had a great experience there and learned a lot. Then, sophomore year, my parents got divorced and my mom did not have enough money for me to continue school there. I then transferred to College Park but I was not upset because now I got to go to school again with my friends.

My experience at Berean Christian was completely different than at College Park. The first reason, there was only 400 kids at my school where as here at College Park, there are more than 2000. Also at Berean all of our work in class and for homework, was all done on Ipads and laptops, where as at College Park it’s all paper and textbooks. The baseball team here at College Park is also a million times better than at College Park. Another huge difference at Berean was you had to take a Bible class and everyone had the same beliefs, where as here at College Park there are varieties of religions and beliefs.

My experience at Berean was very good and I had a lot of fun there. Although it was fun there, I am glad I transferred because this school is very good and now I get to see all of my old friends. I also really like the teachers here at College Park and the environment here is very good. The transition between the two schools was huge but it was a cool transition and I am glad I have been able to experience enrolling at both high schools.