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New Season New Outlook

By Mia Vahey, Jessica Taul, Holly Jordan, 10/23/18, 1:15PM PDT


In the past our volleyball program has not been as successful as we wanted it to be. This year fortunately we have improved tremendously. We have just started our season and it's going pretty good. We have won one league game and lost one.  In our first tournament together we did extremely well, We ended up winning first place in the silver division as we won almost all of our games. We won two of the three games in our preseason, we beat De Anza and pittsburgh but unfortunately lost against Alhambra. Last weekend we had another tournament and did we won three of our four games, we lost against alhambra again. We ended up getting third place in the gold which was very good as alhambra got second and northgate in first. I am very excited for the season and hope we can win lots of games, and hopefully win league. Our team has lots of good communication and we really mesh well.  Although it's only two weeks in i believe that we all get along so well and this will be a very good,easygoing and happy team!

One thing about the season that has been so fun was our team sleepover at the school with all three teams. We had massive pot luck and then stayed there all night. It was a great bonding experience between coaches and players as well as the older girls talking to the younger ones. We swam and watched a movie and just talked for hours. I think this was a great idea for the program and i think all three teams will do great this year.