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Falcon Challenge


I wanted to provide an page where student-athletes, coaches, teachers and parents can find athletics related resources during the COVID-19 shutdown.    Several coaches have emailed, texted, posted workouts on this site or HUDL for our athletes.  

I know many of our kids, mine included, are frustrated and confused by these unprecedented events.  We all must do our part to stay informed and diligent while this virus runs its course.

Below I've included  a link to our Falcon Exercise Log/Challenge.  This is designed primarily for those of you who are looking to stay in shape while gyms and practices are shut down.  Some of us have access to equipment and some do not.  The exercises included in this challenge can be done at home with a little space and injenuity.   Our Physical Education students and athletes can use this to log their activity for coaches and teachers to review.  Parents feel free to join in the challenge.  

Stay safe.  Go Falcons!

Cumulative Results

Displays your total recorded activities since you joined the challenge.


Keep track and view your progress each day here.