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High School Sports Outlook for the Year

With COVID-19 still a factor the governing bodies of California Sorts have issued a revised schedule hoping to preserve our 2020-21 seasons and address the health and safety of our student-athletes.  The chart below provides  a visual of how each season will play out.  Some answers to commonly asked questions are included in the FAQ section following the chart.  For more detailed information see the attached full press release from the CIF and NCS.


Knowing that families will be faced with tough decisions regarding athletic participation we have created a SURVEY to help us determine the level of participation for the upcoming seasons.  Some folks may opt not to participate at all due to health concerns.  Some students may decide to participate in two sports that are now in the same season.  This is very important for us to understand so that we can begin looking at the size of teams, levels of a program to offer (frosh, JV VAR), and field/gym space for practices.

After you have talked as a family, please take the time to fill out the information on this SURVEY.  Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Has my sport been cancelled?
No.  As of right now every sport has been included in the new schedule.  
2.  The sports overlap.  Can I play two sports?
Yes.  First there is an overlap between the winter postseason and the start of the spring season.  This is no different than our traditional seasonal overlaps that many of you already have dealt with.  Athletes coming out from the winter season will be given a chance to try out for their spring sport once the winter sport has concluded.
Yes.  Second is the combining of seasons which has created overlap of sports which have traditionally taken place in different, non-conflicting seasons.  These athletes may participate in more than one sport during a season.  This is a decision that must be made keeping in mind the health and safety of the student (making sure to prevent injury from overuse) as well as the ability to keep up with their academic responsibilities.  Our coaches understand this dilemma and have agreed to support our athletes that choose to play more than one sport.
3.  Do I still need a physical?
Yes.  As of right now the MDUSD is requiring a current, completed Athletic Clearance form.  For those of you still not able to schedule an appointment there  are several options.  Most pediatricians (Kaiser and John Muir)  will sign off on your Athletic Clearance form if you have had a physical within the past year (no new appointment needed).   Just drop off, fax, or email the form to the doctors office and usually they will return it signed and dated within a week.  (That is what I have done with my son).  For those where that is not an option we are hoping to host one or two in person physical dates on campus for drop ins with John Muir Orthopedics.  Good news is we have until December 7th.
4.  Can I play with my club team and school team at the same time?
Yes.  The CIF has suspended the rule about concurrent participation for this year.
5.  Will we have practices/workouts before the season?
Our current summer camps conclude August 7th.  School is scheduled to start  August 17th.  We will have a "dead period" of at least two weeks once school starts with no activity so our students can adjust to the distance learning format.  During that time we will be reviewing the prevailing protocols from the county and state to determine how to best move forward with preseason camps.
6.  When will we have game schedules?
The DAL athletic directors are currently working to revise the existing league schedules to fit the new dates.  Once this is done coaches will need to address non league play.  With limited field availability, limited officiating and the desire to keep games as local as possible I anticipate our schedules looking much different than in the past.  

update on mdusd covid19 protocols

Blueprint to a Safer Economy
MDUSD Protocols Link
August 25, 2020
CDPH Cohort  Guidance
August 26, 2020
CCHealth Guidelines
August 10, 2020
Updated CCHealth Sports Guidelines
August 4, 2020
State Press release and updated recommendations. 
School Sports (see pages 13-14)
Youth Sports (incl. school-based, club and recreational sports)
Q&A (applies to all youth sports incl. school-based, club and recreational sports)

Jim Keck

Athletic Director

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Welcome to College Park Athletics!  

Young people learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic athletics.  Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are an integral part of each team in our athletic program.  Athletics play an important part, too, in helping the individual student develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body.  Athletic competition adds to our school spirit and helps all students – spectators as well as participants – develop pride in their school and maximize individual potential.

The MDUSD Governing Board recognizes that the district’s athletic program constitutes an integral component of the educational program and helps to build a positive school climate. The athletic program helps also to promote the physical, social, and emotional well-being and character development of participating students. Within the District's financial and personnel constraints, the athletic program shall be designed to meet students' interests and abilities and shall be varied in scope to ensure wide participation.

Participation is a privilege, not entitlement, and student athletes are expected to represent themselves, their team, school, family and community in a manner that demonstrates the highest standard of conduct, academic achievement and commitment to their fellow students.

2020-2021 Season Start Dates

Fall Sports-see above all sports.

Football, Boys & Girls Cross Country, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Water Polo, Cheer

Winter Sports-see above all sports.

Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Wrestling, Cheer

Spring Sports-see above all sports.

Boy & Girls Track & Field , Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Softball, Baseball, Boy & Girls Swimming, Boys Golf, Boys Volleyball, Boys Tennis, Stunt Cheer.

To ensure your ability to tryout all student-athletes should have their online registration completed two weeks prior to the start of the season.


Fall Due Date and Parent Night (Hurtado Gym 7pm): TBD

Winter Due Date and Parent Night (Hurtado Gym 7pm):  TBD

Spring Due Date and Parent Night (Hurtado Gym 7pm): TBD

    Updates & News


    The Mission of College Park Athletics is to provide a fun, challenging, and safe environment, where student athletes may work hand in hand with the coaching staff to learn and achieve their goals in their sport, classroom and in life.  With input from coaches, teachers, parents, school staff and the community we will build on College Park’s successes of the past as we strive to produce strong young adults who exhibit character, intelligence, and the ability to contribute to our community now and in the future.
    Our Vision
    for College Park Athletics is to create quality programs for our student-athletes, with knowledgeable, caring coaches and exceptional facilities.  Our programs will instill pride in our school, respect within our community, and continue our tradition of Courage, Pride, Honor, and Sacrifice.

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    Donate to Ryan's Recovery Fund

    Much more financial assistance will be needed. Thank you for helping the Joseph family recover from this event.

    Ryan Joseph Thanksgiving Update

    Read the latest news on Ryan and his road to recovery.

    Walking with Assistance

    Here is a video from late November of Ryan working with PT staff

    Ryan's Bicycle Video

    Just cruising around Denver

    College Park alum and Swim coach battles cancer

    Swim coach Monty Randall was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in December of 2018. Since then, Monty's determination has shown everyone how serious he is about overcoming this obstacle.  Monty's parents, Matthew and Diane Randall, are both alternating taking time off work to ensure that Monty is able to get to his appointments, eat a healthy diet, and receives the care he needs.  Please help support Monty by visiting his Go Fund Me page here.

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