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Boys Volleyball

Welcome to the 2024 Season!

College Park Boys Volleyball is now coached by Manoa Koepp.  Coach Koepp has coached both boys and girls volleyball at the high school and club levels.  He has over 20 years of coaching experience and can be reached at  Coach Koepp will be head-coaching both the JV and Varsity Teams.  Unfortunately, there will not be a Frosh/Soph team (although we are working on adding one.)

Questions?  Please email Coach Koepp at:


Tryouts Are Completed:  (Updated Saturday, 2/10, 6:30pm)

  • Monday, 2/5: 6-8:30pm. Small Gym (Confirmed)
  • Tuesday, 2/6: 6-8:30pm. Big Gym (Confirmed)
  • Wednesday, 2/7: JV - 5:30-7pm.  Var: 7-8:30pm. 
    • Small or Big Gym.
    • Confirmed.  Basketball, Wrestling and Stunt are finishing practice around that time.  I'll be setting up the net in the first available gym.
  • Thursday, 2/8: JV - 5:30-7pm. Var: 7-8:30pm. 
    • Small Gym. 
    • Confirmed.  This is also Open House night - might be busy on campus, expect traffic and arrive early if needed.
  • Friday, 2/9: JV - 5-6:30pm, Var: 6:30-8pm. Small Gym
    • Earlier start.
    • Confirmed - Wait outside of the gym to let wrestling wrap up their training - We may be starting around 5:10pm.
  • Saturday, 2/10: JV - 9-10:30am, Var: 11-12:30pm. Small Gym
    • This is the 6th and final day of tryouts. 
    • All players who tried out will receive an email from Coach Koepp by 10pm on Saturday night informing them of their status on one of the teams.  (Rosters will not be posted here as previously mentioned - all players will receive an email.)
    • Please remember to be courteous and kind when the rosters are revealed.  Everyone will find out who made the teams at the first practice on Monday.

All players who will attend tryouts must complete this form before trying out.  (This is a new form that must be completed).

Athletes in a winter sport must also complete the form but please additionally email Coach Koepp so we can coordinate a tryout if your season continues past February 5th.

Forming Teams:

Emails have been sent to all players who tried out for boys volleyball.


Manoa Koepp

Head Coach

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