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2023 dal wrestling champions!

Congratulations to our wrestlers on finishing the regular season as the 2023 DAL Champions!  With a 51-20 win over Benicia the Falcons secured their first League Championship since 2018 and their 23rd in program history.  

The Tradition Continues!


The Mission of College Park Wrestling is to provide a fun, healthy, and safe environment, where student athletes may work hand in hand with the coaching staff to learn and achieve their goals in the sport of wrestling.  Wrestling is not for everyone.  It is an intense, full contact sport that requires hard work, commitment, and character.  To achieve success in wrestling you must set increasingly high standards and goals, then dedicate yourself 100% to achieve them.  Remember that champions are often, but not always, the ones that win the most matches.  True champions are the guys who get the most out of themselves and others.  They strive to be great, and often do achieve greatness.  At the very least they command respect.
-Hard work pays off.  Work hard, stay healthy, play safe, and most importantly have fun.
-Set realistic goals, making sure to set them high.  Never sell yourself short.  Everyone’s goals will differ.
-Wrestling is and always has been an intense sport.
-Always work your personal best.  You get out of the sport what you put in.
-Respect yourself, teammates, coaches, and others.
-Repetition, intensity, sacrifice, emotion, and preparation are all keys to success.
Athletes should walk away from the program having #1 enjoyed themselves.  In the process they should have gained self esteem, learned healthy lifestyle habits, gained knowledge of the sport, and learned the value of hard work.
“Wrestling is, without a doubt, the toughest high school sport in the nation.  Those that wrestle are challenged physically, mentally and emotionally every day.  Faced with the prospect of hard work many quit.  Others will step up to the task with drive, determination and desire.  Hard work does pay off.  Those that remain will be champions.”

Amit Elor wins cadet and Junior World Championship 2021

Jim Keck

Head Coach

Asst Coaches/Volunteers

Brenna Kubiak
Cory Salmon
Tom Prado
Matt Zonfrello
Zach Sesar
Mark Weiler
Dan Smith
Tony Rolandelli
Rikki Chacon
Josh Segal
Tristan Fletcher