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Aquatics Mural

By Tyler Shaver, 12/20/17, 5:00PM PST


In the first week of school, I was inspired by my peers and teacher in my Sports Leadership class to have a painting dedicated to the College Parks Aquatics put on the wall of the gym facing the pool. I was compelled to do this Legacy Project because College Park has given me such amazing experiences and I wanted to do something for the school in return. Since I have been deeply involved with swimming and water polo during my time here, I knew this painting would be a very fitting way for me to give back to the school.

Getting this idea from my mind and onto the outer wall of our gym takes more time and steps than I originally thought. For the past few months I have spent a big part of my time in Sports Leadership thinking of and creating this design and trying to figure out how I can get it perfectly placed on the wall. After weeks of playing around with ideas and images I finally found the design I wanted. I decided that the image on the College Park swimming caps would look great on the wall in between the big block letter words, and that the water polo player would make it complete.

I am very excited to have this project completed, and I know this will be a great addition to the pool deck at CP. I anticipate the completion of this project in the late winter and I look forward to the bright future of the College Park aquatics programs.