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Girls Basketball FinishesStrong

By Ana Lepiz, 02/24/19, 7:45PM PST


Another good year for the girls Varsity Basketball Team. Along the way they had their ups and
downs, but always had team spirit. In their minds before stepping on the court, they would bring
positive energy, stayed focused on the game plan, but also most importantly to have fun.
“Everyone is responsible for the wins and is responsible for the loses,” that was Head Coach
Brad Slininger, reminding the players after a loss against Concord High. At practices they
worked their hardest to fix their mistakes and help each other out. Aside from running the court,
they had their team bonding days. One of the team’s favorite was team dinner at Tatum
Tamura’s house. They each brought food, played games, and listened to music. I asked Tatum,
the team’s forward, what advice would she tell someone when playing a sport? She responded,
“Just try it, what’s the worst that can happen.” The girls varsity basketball team proves to be an
expert in cooperation during the games and truly an inspiration to the audience. No matter what
the scoreboard says, at the end of the game, the team is the victory to College Park.