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Master Schedule/Early Release

EARLY RELEASES: Students and parents should be aware that there is a good chance that students will miss all or part of the last class of the day when they have to travel to other schools for competition. This could happen numerous times during a season. Students have the responsibility to contact their teacher in advance to coordinate make-up work. When proper protocols are followed and students contact teachers before leaving, teachers must allow students to make up missed work. Early Release is a privilege that student-athletes in good standing earn, so that they can leave class early to attend their athletic events. Teachers are not required to dismiss student-athletes for Early Release if they feel the student has not earned that privilege. There will be an all-call Early Release announcement once a coach is on campus and has checked in at the main office.  Students will not be released until an all-call has been made.  Students should promptly make up all missed work if released.  Students should never leave class without teacher permission.  Students should never interrupt another class to "get" another athlete.

SCHOOL ATTENDANCE: In order to participate in an athletic contest, an athlete must have attended a minimum of two (2) block periods or four regular periods on the day of the contest (or on Friday for a Saturday contest). A school field trip is considered to be school attendance. This is a District policy which may be waived by the Principal in exceptional circumstances.