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Sports Med


Sports med would like to thank Gable Heart Beats Foundation for the donation of a new AED for the crew.  We will be keeping it on the cart as we do our rounds during the day.  

Thank you Gable Heart Beats Foundations!

College Park's Sports Medicine Program provides health services for more than 1000 student-athletes.

Staffed by our certified athletic trainer professionals, the program provides injury/illness prevention and assessment, first aid and emergency care, therapeutic modalities, injury rehabilitation, post-concussion test administration and much more.  Our program is also has more than 30 student traners who staff all of our home gems.


The Athletic Training Room is a medical facility that provides health services for injuries and illnesses resulting from athletics.

  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 3PM until end of last athletic practice or game
  • Location: E hall across from the weight room 
  • Closed: Weekends, with the exception of prescheduled tournaments, games and practices
  • Appointments: Schedule ahead of time by emailing Al Douex
  • More Information: Athletic Training Room Services

Injury Policies

Al Douex

Head Trainer

COVID Protocols

1. SM boot camp for 2 weeks starting February 1st.
2. SM will embed with designated teams after boot camp.
3. Staggered pickup for SM equipment.
4. Doc will setup office hours.
5. SM must fill out COVID waiver.
6. SM kids will use the daily QR code.

Health & Well-Being Information

Injury Prevention Resources

Concussion Protocol

Head injuries have become a topic of concern as more information comes out from studies.  Please use the following resource to help guide your student athlete as they return to the classroom and the playing field.